Condensation Control and Damp Proofing specialists for Wigan - Manchester- Lancashire

Offering ventilation solutions for a whole house or single room.


Home Ventilation Systems are based in Wigan, in the North West of England, and are specialists in condensation control & damp proofing for the Wigan, Lancashire, Manchester and North West. Our Services range from whole house heat recovery systems to single room background ventilation.


We can help to create a fresher and healthier living environment whilst eliminating any damp problems.


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Damp proofing and condensation control by Home Ventilation Systems Wigan Lancashire
Don't let a humidity problem take over your home -

Living in a humid environment with condensation and mould can be detrimental to your health, decor and if left untreated for long enough the integrity of the building itself!
Home Ventilation Systems will investigate the problem for you and offer the most efficient and effective solution for your circumstances. We can deal with a range of problems associated with damp or simply provide adequate ventilation to ensure a healthier living atmosphere.

. Professional, reliable service

. Consultation and assessment

. Wide range of services and solutions tailored to your needs

. We will treat your whole house or individual rooms

. Expert advice which ensures the right solution for your house

Put an end to condensation and mould

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