Positive Ventilation

.  Alleviates condensation and black mould


.  Removes harmful pollutants and allergies


.   Very quiet and discrete


.  Low maintenance


.  5 year guarantee


.  Energy efficient


.  Supplies fresh filtered air


.  Health benefits


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Positive Ventilation Systems

P.I.V (Positive Input Ventilation) works by supplying filtered fresh air into your home gently replacing the air around twenty times every day. This ensures that humidity is kept to a minimum as well as expelling contaminated or stale air. It also eliminates the growth of mould. They are generally situated in the loft with a diffuser on the landing ceiling. The almost silent fan helps make them very discrete. The typical cost of running a P.I.V unit should not be more than £10 per year and will save more energy than it consumes, resulting in a net energy gain. Maintenance of the units is minimal with an easily removable filter that needs cleaning out once every 5 years. For the units to work to their full potential a certain amount of background ventilation should be in place i.e. open trickle or passive vents to allow air to escape.

The modern building technology is designed around the idea of keeping heat inside the house to lower the heating costs and fuel consumption. That also means that the air is effectively trapped into your home.
During the day an average family produces approximately 12-14 litres of moisture through respiration, cooking, showering, etc. All this water is locked inside your house and it accumulates over time.
Positive Ventilation Systems are especially designed to keep the humidity levels down and maintain a healthy and comfortable atmosphere. 

They will also remove any harmful pollutants and allergens.

Why install Positive Ventilation?

Moisture is always present in the air in your house.

It can appear on any cold surfaces - inside: walls, windows, behind furniture, etc. In time mould can take root in the damp areas.

We will assess the situation for you and present you with a choice of solutions to suit your needs.

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What we offer

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. Rapid improvement of air quality due to the new system being installed