Condensation and Mould

Moisture is always present in the air in your house. It can appear in the form of condensation on any cold surfaces, walls, windows, behind furniture, inside wardrobes etc. In time mould can take root in damp areas and if left untreated can cause damage to the fabric of the building, furnishings and contents. Just removing the mould is not enough as it will re-appear if the air quality is not improved adequately. We can assess and carry out the measures necessary to ensure there is no recurrence of the problem.

Ventilation Solutions

We offer a number of different solutions depending on the severity of the problem and your individual requirements.
Possible options:

What can you expect from Home Ventilation Systems?

. Professional assessment of the problem
. Expert consultation with our qualified experts
. A wide range of solutions tailored to your needs
. Solutions suitable for single rooms or the whole house
. Friendly, fast and efficient service in Wigan - Manchester -   Liverpool and the whole of the North West.

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